Introducing Toying Around                                       

Now that Halloween is upon us, what better time to start thinking about Christmas shopping?

If you have kids (or grandchildren), you'll know that the best, coolest and most popular toys often sell out quickly, so it pays to get an early start. And you can do that right here at Mattick's Farm.

Toying Around is a new toy store at Mattick's Farm, and offers, among other things, a huge selection of Playmobil toys.

Playmobil toys are very popular, mostly because of the incredible attention to detail put into every toy that amps up the coolness factor, plus their durability - the toys are often passed down between generations.

But it's the coolness factor that wins the day with kids, are are here the three coolest Playmobil toys offered in 2012:

Medical Helicopter

This helivac 'copter is probably one of the most unique toys Playmobil has ever created. It has working rotors, a winch, and a rear hatch for loading a stretcher - just like a real helicopter

E-Rangers Collecotobot

What could be cooler than a scale-sized robotic exoskeleton for collecting alien artefacts? It's part of the new Playmobil "Future Planet" series of toys.

Vet Operating Room

Popular with boys and girls alike, the vet operating room set features an x-ray machine, sick (or happily healed!) animals, and all sort of other gadgets.

As mentioned, the more interesting toys tend to sell out rather quickly, so it's always a good idea to go to Toying Around well in advance of the Christmas shopping season in order to enjoy the best selection, or leave time to order in the present you really want.

Nevin Thompson frequently writes on behalf of Diversified Health Clinic, a chiropractic clinic in Victoria, about Mattick's Farm and the Saanich Peninsula.