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If you're reading this, you clearly have an appetite for living. So welcome. You've come to the right place.
Maybe it's your first time to the island and Mattick's Farm.

By trade, Bill was a one-handed farmer, but the tales of his life are far more exciting than that title implies. He started off in the 1940's growing vegetables and flowers on the property where the golf course now sits. His business grew to the point where he was exporting tulips and daffodils by chartered jet to the east coast. In the 50's he added on the market, tea garden and a par 3 golf course and driving range (that's right, it was old Bill who knew this land was destined for golf greatness). His days started promptly at 9am. First up? A Black Russian and a freshly rolled cigarette.

Mattick's Farm is a community hub where residents and visitors to Victoria can enjoy food, fresh produce, art and entertainment. It will offer community activities, an artist in residence, fun activities, a restaurant/bakery. Our motto is to establish a destination for locals and tourists to frequent which will support an economically viable #shoplocal enterprise.


Gifts so special, you’ll end up keeping them for yourself.


If you’re expecting shopping at Mattick's Farm to be a little unexpected, then expect away. There’s nothing ordinary here. In fact, we can almost guarantee you’ll find that one-of-a-kind discovery.

Every time. Whatever the occasion. So come and explore and treat someone special. Even if that means you. In the meantime, why not get a idea for what’s in store by clicking on the arrows on the right for each of the shopping areas and merchants to showcase what's new at the Farm? Or see our Business Directory if you're looking for something in particular



Mattick's Farm Merchants help keep the charitable sector strong.


Our shops here at Mattick's Farm play a key role in the Canadian charitable sector. We work hard to provide small and medium size charities with online and community support for donating and fundraising.


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