mattick's farm

  1. The Shops at Mattick's Farm
  2. Entrance to Mattick's Farm
  3. Courtyard at Mattick's Farm


Bill Mattick, born in Saskatchewan, moved to Victoria with his family shortly after losing an arm in a farming accident.

After graduating high school in Victoria, Bill worked as a farmhand on W.T. Edward's strawberry and daffodil farm. This ultimately led him to the decision of becoming a farmer, rather than labour for others. He then rented the Mitchell Farm on Ferndale road and purchased 24 hectares of land, which is now known as the main campus of the University of Victoria.


After selling the UVic farm, Bill Mattick purchased, christened, and cleared Mattick's Farm, on which he grew flowers and vegetables.In the following years, Bill became very prosperous by partnering with Geoff Vantreight to expand their daffodil sales to eastern Canada. After deciding it was unnecessary to sell produce through a middleman, Bill built a log cabin and the main market building with a parking lot attached to sell his produce. He opened a roadside stand in 1957 where our place is today, added a tea garden, and over the decades the business grew here at Mattick's Farm into Victoria’s premiere shopping destination with over 15 shops and boutiques to chose from. If you are expecting shopping to be fabulous, we can guarantee you will find that one of a kind discovery, so come and explore and see what we have to offer.